Monthly Archives: November 2009

Suck, Bitch, Suck.

Futafan presents another update involving a well-endowed tranny hentai and a sweet, cowering anime chick. Poor lassie. She won’t know what hit her with a 12-inch force now, will she? Well, since futanari porn is all about domineering chicks with dicks, there’s no other recourse but to get down on one’s knees and take every last throbbing inch into one’s gullet. Which is precisely what this pink-haired gal does. Aside from getting her twat and asshole wrecked by said throbbing cock, that is. The funny thing is, this sexy tranny toon has bigger boobs than she does! I warned you it’s gonna be one twisted, kinky update…from the minds of equally twisted and kinky cartoonists!

What A Prick!

She’s a dancing queen…with a peen! This donkey-donged hentai tranny is showing off the stuff that can rival any other shemale, living or drawn or anything in-between. That fleshy and veiny cannon popping out of her groin ought to make even the notorious Rasputin blush in shame. That’s the beauty of drawn hentai with a special shemale twist—-anything goes, and every possible anatomical part can get engorged like a whole hive of bees attacked it. Take this plonker, for instance. That thing can wreck any asshole, twat, gullet, etc. it cums into contact with. So, want to see exactly what it does wreck? Check out this throbbing, turgid, ten-tonne treat of an update at SheAniMale!