An Anal Accident Waiting To Happen

This dude is so accident-prone he’s got quite the unusual insurance coverage for being such a klutz. Well, looks like his agent ought to be adding another clause to his already lengthy health contract…that of being buggered up the ass! He gets into a biking accident and comes to to see a couple of hotties bending over so low close to him that their cleavages are practically part of the tip of his nose. Seeing that he’s still dazed, one of the gals start fondling his cock and smothering his face in her breasts, while the other guides his hand to her dripping pussy. While finger-fucking one of the chicks, he turns around to the other and was stunned to see she’s brought out her huge tranny dick to stick up his sore ass! He can’t protest because the tranny is lightning fast, and in no time, he’s part of an unusal three-way involving a shemale dick, his ass, and a real pussy. Only in SheAniMale com can accidents be such illuminating events.

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