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What A Prick!

She’s a dancing queen…with a peen! This donkey-donged hentai tranny is showing off the stuff that can rival any other shemale, living or drawn or anything in-between. That fleshy and veiny cannon popping out of her groin ought to make even the notorious Rasputin blush in shame. That’s the beauty of drawn hentai with a special shemale twist—-anything goes, and every possible anatomical part can get engorged like a whole hive of bees attacked it. Take this plonker, for instance. That thing can wreck any asshole, twat, gullet, etc. it cums into contact with. So, want to see exactly what it does wreck? Check out this throbbing, turgid, ten-tonne treat of an update at SheAniMale!

Disco Dicking

Like this hapless dude says at the end of this SheAniMale update, be careful how you choose the clubs you enter, or your virgin ass might get gang-raped the way his did. At first he was pretty happy about the situation, ogling all the hot ebony chicks who were really stacked and whose bums were bursting out of their tiny miniskirts and hotpants. When he decides to drop to the floor and take a peek up those crotches, he was stunned to find a black pair of nuts and a long schlong staring back at him! He wanted to get out of there fast, but three black shemales have barred the door and are dragging him to the back room. They tape his mouth shut and take turns popping his anal cherry, and blowing their tranny wads of cum onto his ass and even in his protesting mouth. So all you party people, double check the chicks before making a pass at them now, hear?