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What You Want, I Got.

…and am I ever happy to see you! At your service, a real Futafan babe with an erection so big, she can do serious damage with it to your ass, sweetheart. I walk erect with my cock erect, because I’m confident in the knowledge that I can get a couple of guys doing my every bidding, gagging me with their thick cocks and fucking me in the ass too. And yes, I can return the favor like a motherfucker. It’s strictly quid pro quo as far as I’m concerned, because I’m a cartoon chick with dick and nobody messes with me and my huge-ass plonker, bitches! Take that, and that.

Her Throbbing Purple Head

Now this ebony chick with dick, she put the “animal” in SheAniMale, for sure!

For starters, she’s got an erection with a huge purple knob on it that could give her serious scoliosis if she were a living, breathing thing. For another, she can do kinky stuff with that huge plonker, but she prefers going at it with another futanari bitch with an equally massive dong. Yes, they hit each other all over with their respective kidney pokers, so sue them. It’s different strokes for different folks, and if you wanna see how these sexy fucker folks stroke their thangs, then you’d better click on the image now!